Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is BiMBO?

While going through few books in order to prepare myself on my coming TOEFL, the television is playing. Not really concentrating on the drama, but the word 'bimbo' catches my attention.

What is 'bimbo'?

Bimbo, in its popular English language usage, describes a woman who is physically attractive but is perceived to have a low intelligence or poor education. The term can also be used to describe a woman who acts in a sexually promiscuous manner. The term itself is not explicitly negative, but is most often used as a derogative insult towards a woman. Source: Wikipedia

This word remind me so much of someone in my past. Yes, almost everyone called her 'bimbo'. Well, to be frank she is not that bad (I think her general knowledge is so much better with some of the people I know!!!) when I got to know her better. Non-judgemental heh?

So, what shall we use to describe a person who is not only have a low intelligence, but not physically attractive? Bambo?

Sign off.

Ps. Thank you for emails/message I received from my readers. Will reply ASAP. InsyaAllah. Take care and happy 2012 all!

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