Saturday, December 17, 2011

Missing Wave Fever ,,,(_ _'),,,


We were rushing here and there yesterday.
Early in the morning, hospital session.
Almost noon, searching ----> deco for 'dulang hantaran', wedding cake, etc.
The show was at 13:50hrs, which we thought we could make it.
Arrived at Wangsa Walk @ 14:00hrs. Late.
Car park was full, luckily,... one spot we got. Park the car.
We were running due to the time and it was drizzling.
Missed the lift and waited.

As soon we were 'inside',... she is on her way to KL...
During the show? Hmmm,... my cousin cried, person next to me; cried,..
And I heard few peoples behind me cried. Me?
Nope. But, it's hurt as someone in my past looks almost like 'him'.

Later of the day, we went to Ikea to get 6 bags and few packets of brussels sprouts.
Somehow, I miss the porridge with 'cakoi' at WW.

Huh,... lucky or what?

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