Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan is the month of blessing, this is the month in which Allah The Almighty forgive every sin of those who ask forgiveness from the depth of their hearts. InsyaAllah. So, lets grab this opportunity and hopefully this Ramadhan will be so much better than what had before. Amin.

**Picture taken from a website which I can't remember the url. Anyway, credit to the owner of this pic and sorry.


blackcardomompods said...

Slm ramadhan jue.lama mnghilang.busy ek.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Juliana, here's wishing you and all at home....
Telah berlabur tirai Syaaban menjelma pula Ramadhan.
Saya ucapkan moga berjaya menunaikan puasa dengan Jayanya.
My best regards. And keep a song in your heart.