Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rabu, Cermin & Aku - such a,.... !

I had a good, proper look at myself in the mirror tonight.
I've always wanted to look clever and funny, but at the age of ehem-ehem years and four months I have to admit that I look like a person who has never even heard of Prof. Ungku Aziz or Wonder Pets: "apa yang penting, kerjasama!".

I went to a party weeks back. A friend's daughter birthday party to be exact, but a gathering for the parents of the birthday girl! oh ya! Well, at the party, a girl of twelve felt obliged to tell me who Dr. SMS is (guess you all know rite?). I tried to cut her off-inform her that I was conversant with Dr. SMS, but I started to choke on a beriyani rice with chicken tandoori, so the opportunity was lost. Yes, the beriyani rice and chicken tandoori were good. I even tapau some.

So, the mirror showed me myself, as I am. I'm dark (compare to my other siblings), but not dark enough to be interesting as Tyra Banks~ wuuuu. No Pan Asian look (though I have so much of mixture in genes from my dad). My eyes are black. My eyelashes are medium length, nothing exciting here. My nose is kemek and small. My mouth is big. Not those sexy Angelina Jolie's mouth. I have got a chin, a double-chin. Yes, I'm now fat with the weight of 80kg. Damn! Diet is my second name, and it has always been. Nothing more then that. Seriously, NOTHING. No mean achievement considering my pure 'Melayu' minded though I have worked with British firms for years. My English is getting sucks day by day.

With my current 'jobless' situation, my motivation is almost zero. Yes, I have my freelance job, but I love to work in those hectic environment. Rushing here and there. Helping employees with their problems. Seeing things that sometimes you can't imagine you will. Being busy for almost 24/7 hours! From YB's recent entry, this is not healthy. Oh well, being single gave me the opportunity to be busy with my career and with my truly love : my social work activities. Weird, but I was so happy though time has never been enough back then.

No, it is not I do not want to get married. But, it is something I can't really explain. As Sha:Cheryna said, "jodoh itu umpama bas yang berhenti di perhentian." Well, someone told her this. Which I couldn't agree more. When Aisha told Fahri (in Ayat-ayat Cinta), "jodoh itu rahsia Allah." I was,... hmmm,... it doesn't really matter anyway.

Oh, no love story here, now. Will do that other day. Other entry.

So, what do you think?

Good day all.
~mirror, mirror on the wall, show me who is the sexiest of them all ~
**dialog curi dari cerita Eastwick. Two thumbs up Eastwick!

Pic info: Oh, this is so not me. This is my youngest brother when he was 2/3 years old. With a very fair skin, and blonde hair. Now you believe me when I said I am the darkest in the family? Yes, I am being honest.

**oh, baru dapat offer jauh ni. Benefit memang out kalau outstation macam ni. Damn! Ct Tobat, sila call ASAP!


-•»Á®ÐZMÀ®Ñ«•- said...

teror ar lu punya adik.. pampers pun tak tanggal lagi dah pandai baca cerita misteri.. waw..

Othman Juliana said...

haha~ lu percaya ke dia tengah baca tu? ngeh3x.

Yunus Badawi said...

Salam Jue,
Dah alang2 tapau nasi briyani tu bawa baliklah lebih sikit. Boleh ajak saya makan sekali hehehe

Thanks for putting a link to my n3.

Othman Juliana said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Wrt Wbt.

YB, sudah berminggu2 pun. Itupun kami satu kereta kenduri kat tasik sebelum balik! haha.

DrSinga said...

rambut Jue blonde jugak kah??
brighter day today... I hope..
be strong.. :)

Nur said...

oh dear...seriously its true..
kalau masih single banyak masa kita blh buat dan bz pun biarlah berpada2 yang..

sakit badan nanti..

and ur next n3 pasal raya tahun ni, kau blh raya kat umah aku. huhuhu.. rumah aku memang riuh rendah.. email kalau kau nak join k.. take care

kak Tie said...

Alaaa... Jue ni..

Kalau jumpa kak tie sure pitam kejap, sebab dalam blog selalu perasan mokcik comel, hihi...

blackcardomompods said...

eh adik jue mcm omputihla...ada mix ke?

Kamal Sanusi said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall... The sexiest among them is jeng jengg jenggg....

Skali cermin kelabu diliputi wap daaa... tak dapet kasik jawapan. Tunggu org cuci ngan Kiwi Glass Cleaner daaa...

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

there is always an advantage of being single. towards one point i believe in, "maybe dia tak bagi lagi sebab dia tau aku terlalu banyak responsibility"

besides, Tuhan tak uji dan beri kalau dia tahu org tu tak layak menerima kan?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Juliana, I am also behind times where certain subjects, movies, whatever are concerned, especially as I stopped reading the papers some years back.
Retired, so no need to know, or get upset with whatever.

Juliana, as a woman ages, her beauty is transferred to her heart....
But believe you me, beauty is not is your warmth, your personality, that attracts people to you.
Someone will come into your life sooner or later, sooner likely. So just be yourself, have fun and smile.
Never can tell who's falling in love with your smile. Lee.

fndrocka said...

jodoh tu umpama jiran kita..kadang2 dia datang meyinggah tanpa kita sedarii.

Perhitungan Si Kacak dan Wanita Gorjes

susudalambotol said...

hidung aku besar sama macam ayah aku. motif? haha.

a kl citizen said...


membalas ziarah
lama tak update blog ni
sibuk ya?

kayteeze said...

Salam Jue, lama tak dengar cerita. Harap okay dengan suasana baru.. :)

trendymuslimah said...

salam ziarah

blackcardomompods said...

jue,mana menghilang?

Othman Juliana said...

ada, bukan hilang tapi ghaib seketika,.. ;)

Othman Juliana said...

bcp: omputih? hmmm-byk sgt campuran. tapi jue maintain wanita melayu hidung pesek! haha~

klu idung aku mcm ayah aku-sure mancung! haha

oh, jirang sebelah rumah semua anak2 kecik lagi... takde can aku.. huhu..

uncle lee:
thank you :) but, no man love a fat woman doh! so, no man will love me! haha

yes, sure.
but, at time-i'm lost! woha!

sila beri kiwi glass cleaner-nak tgk sape!!! haha