Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HR Question: Secretary

A friend called me yesterday, "Jules, please help! Starting next week, I need to take over the secretary's job la! Bla, bla, bla,..."

I was a junior secretary once, though not for long (contract). For me, the secretary of any organization has a most interesting and important position. As well the HR-well, a good HR indeed. Not the lame one-haha. As for a secretary, the smooth and efficient working of the society depends upon her; she (or he) is the hub from which various activities radiate, and she has more to do with the practical running of the society than any other officer. Incompetence in the office can therefore seriously impede the work of the organization.

As in case of my friend, certain characteristics should be borne in her mind. A good secretary should be:
  • A good organizer
  • Tidy and methodical
  • Calm and clear-headed
  • Tactful and friendly
Basically, the duties of the secretary are purely executive, and she should keep in close contact with her boss (or the chairman). It is her job to organize the routine office work, deal with all correspondence, convene all meetings, draw up agendas with the boss, take minutes, write the annual report (for some companies, this will not be a job for secretary), carry out the instructions and information as required. Plus, she need to be willing to help any member when there is a need. Well, the JD (job description) will be different from one company to the other. You can always check this with your HR department.

The most important thing is, what ever your job is-be patient. Think smart+doa. Good communication is the key. For my friend Katt, good luck and have fun with your new role next week! *maybe I can take over your current post? Haha.

As the very variety duties of a secretary may be frightening to the novice, kindly let me know if you need the duties in greater detail. InsyaAllah I will try my best to help. Cheers!

Pic Info: Someone emailed and asked for a photo when I was a secretary. This one, can-lah right? :)


ai na said...

secreatary?? woo!
really hard.. believe me.
i pnah jadi. hakhak.

Othman Juliana said...

ai na:
definitely! tapi dalam hidup ni, tiada kerja yang mudah. Simple tapi tidak mudah. Cuma kerja akan jadi best bila boss/environment best.

for myself, masa jadi secretary dulu pernah kena tengking. wooo~ sgt cuak. tapi itulah pengalaman yang ditimba sepuluh tahun dulu :)

Kamal Sanusi said...

For me there are two type of secretary.
1. Executive Secretary - normally for high ranking officer.
2. Departmental Secretary - normally for HOD.

What ever it is, both have a major role to coordinate the smooth running of any department as well as inter-department. Having said that, they have a good access to P&C info which would leave them as a reference center by other associates. This is where the loyalty of the secretary to the company is tested.

It is common to have such a beautiful secretary as they will project the image of the boss but for me, efficient and able to perform duties obediently and religiously are main factor.

Tingkatkan prestasi, elakkan skandal...

Kah kah kah!!!...

Othman Juliana said...


thanks for the more info. Katt is being so cuak~ haha.

Oh well, I tak cantik pun when i was a secretary (and still not! haha). Being a secretary, i learned how to overcome my own emotion.

BuTtErFlyInFraMe said...

ohh i just miss my secretarys moment!

after 4years being someone close, no, very close to a boss, sy kena tinggalkan kerja tu...for a husband.

oh my...i wish could be secretary once again! huhuu :P

kerja baru agak membosankan dan buat lagi pening kepala!

cHeRyNa PiReS said...


my bestfriend in the office:
a secretary.

since i have to keep my ears and eyes open when it comes to staff issues at the same time be at the management side, a secretary is the know-all person i should hook up with.

trust me, they are the smartest creature you can find and rely on- and a best friend when you're in need:)

Othman Juliana said...


being a secretary might be fun, only if you have a great boss. Klu dapat boss yang vice versa-rasa nak brenti je! haha.

Anyway, my ex-boss masa jadi secretary dulu adalah sangat garang! tapi lepas dia dah bergarang2, dia ok. Hehe~ Sorry Datuk Nick! You are one of my best bosses though you are damn strict! haha.

Othman Juliana said...


you are lucky to have such a great secretary mate. trust me, once you have the one you can rely on-keep her. I was once had an assistant cum secretary and she was,.. hmmm... well, in a nice way to say it-not a very good one.

**eh, nak secretary tambahan? have me~ hehe