Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rabu, Cermin & Aku - such a,.... !

I had a good, proper look at myself in the mirror tonight.
I've always wanted to look clever and funny, but at the age of ehem-ehem years and four months I have to admit that I look like a person who has never even heard of Prof. Ungku Aziz or Wonder Pets: "apa yang penting, kerjasama!".

I went to a party weeks back. A friend's daughter birthday party to be exact, but a gathering for the parents of the birthday girl! oh ya! Well, at the party, a girl of twelve felt obliged to tell me who Dr. SMS is (guess you all know rite?). I tried to cut her off-inform her that I was conversant with Dr. SMS, but I started to choke on a beriyani rice with chicken tandoori, so the opportunity was lost. Yes, the beriyani rice and chicken tandoori were good. I even tapau some.

So, the mirror showed me myself, as I am. I'm dark (compare to my other siblings), but not dark enough to be interesting as Tyra Banks~ wuuuu. No Pan Asian look (though I have so much of mixture in genes from my dad). My eyes are black. My eyelashes are medium length, nothing exciting here. My nose is kemek and small. My mouth is big. Not those sexy Angelina Jolie's mouth. I have got a chin, a double-chin. Yes, I'm now fat with the weight of 80kg. Damn! Diet is my second name, and it has always been. Nothing more then that. Seriously, NOTHING. No mean achievement considering my pure 'Melayu' minded though I have worked with British firms for years. My English is getting sucks day by day.

With my current 'jobless' situation, my motivation is almost zero. Yes, I have my freelance job, but I love to work in those hectic environment. Rushing here and there. Helping employees with their problems. Seeing things that sometimes you can't imagine you will. Being busy for almost 24/7 hours! From YB's recent entry, this is not healthy. Oh well, being single gave me the opportunity to be busy with my career and with my truly love : my social work activities. Weird, but I was so happy though time has never been enough back then.

No, it is not I do not want to get married. But, it is something I can't really explain. As Sha:Cheryna said, "jodoh itu umpama bas yang berhenti di perhentian." Well, someone told her this. Which I couldn't agree more. When Aisha told Fahri (in Ayat-ayat Cinta), "jodoh itu rahsia Allah." I was,... hmmm,... it doesn't really matter anyway.

Oh, no love story here, now. Will do that other day. Other entry.

So, what do you think?

Good day all.
~mirror, mirror on the wall, show me who is the sexiest of them all ~
**dialog curi dari cerita Eastwick. Two thumbs up Eastwick!

Pic info: Oh, this is so not me. This is my youngest brother when he was 2/3 years old. With a very fair skin, and blonde hair. Now you believe me when I said I am the darkest in the family? Yes, I am being honest.

**oh, baru dapat offer jauh ni. Benefit memang out kalau outstation macam ni. Damn! Ct Tobat, sila call ASAP!

Hope I Can Sing This Song With Happy Tears In Ten Years Time. Titik.

Heard this song from Uncle Lee's blog.
Damn! I just love the voice!
I hope, I can sing this song in ten years time with tears, happy tears.
And I may share it with you if this blog is still alive, if I'm alive.


**Frank, I love you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tajuk panjang-telah pendek.

*Yea, telah dikotakan. Sudah delete*

HR: Employee Telling Lies

A recent survey found 15% of employees had been caught in a lie at the office. The most common reasons for telling a workplace lie was to appease a customer, to cover up a failed project, or to explain an unexcused absence or late arrival. A vast majority of hiring managers said they were less likely to promote an employee who had lied to them or other members of the organization.

So, are you one of them?

Gambar Dalam Frame #007

Sorry Aby, Asadullah, England kalah~ ;p
**WC punya hal, sampai sekarang tak dapat tidur lagi! Ok, tunggu subuh dulu,..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ijazah Sarjana Muda UUM vs Artis SPM

Berita Hari Ini:-

ILMU sangat penting dalam hidup malah bagi CAK, ia ‘aset’ yang sangat bernilai.

Berita baik buat teman artis yang berminat menyambung pengajian ke peringkat lebih tinggi, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) menawarkan 20 tempat untuk mengikuti Ijazah Sarjana Muda Komunikasi dengan kepujian.

Mereka yang berminat hanya diletakkan syarat minimum memiliki sijil SPM. Kelas akan diadakan dua minggu sekali di UUM Kampus Kuala Lumpur setiap Selasa. Kos pengajian pula hanya kira-kira RM3,000 setahun dan tempoh pengajian pula tiga tahun.

CAK dimaklumkan, surat tawaran akan diserahkan oleh Naib Canselor dalam satu majlis khas tidak lama lagi. Mereka yang berminat boleh menghubungi talian 019-4226406 atau e-mel

Bagi CAK, tawaran ini wajib direbut. Apa tidaknya, syarat minimum diletakkan ialah calon hanya perlu memiliki sijil SPM dan bergiat aktif dalam industri. Tidak kira sama ada pelakon, penyanyi, pengarah, pemuzik, janji anda terbabit dalam industri hiburan tanah air.

Peluang sebegini bukan datang selalu, jadi jangan berlengah kerana tempat terhad. Syabas UUM!

Sumber: Metro Online

**Apakah nilai Ijazah Sarjana Muda Komunikasi dengan kepujian keluaran UUM selepas ini? Teringat perbualan dengan teman sekolej (budak course Komunikasi) di UUM dulu, "budak Comm. (komunikasi) takde belajar bahasa ke-3. Kami cuma belajar dalam Bahasa Melayu dan English sahaja. Itupun, ramai yang ke laut bila speaking". Hmm,.. Pelik bila course Marketing wajib ambil subjek Mandarin & course Hospitality wajib ambil subjek Spanish. Tapi course yang sememangnya harus pakar dalam komunikasi tidak mempunyai bahasa tambahan. Mungkin kerana itu tidak penting. Mungkin.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HR Question: Secretary

A friend called me yesterday, "Jules, please help! Starting next week, I need to take over the secretary's job la! Bla, bla, bla,..."

I was a junior secretary once, though not for long (contract). For me, the secretary of any organization has a most interesting and important position. As well the HR-well, a good HR indeed. Not the lame one-haha. As for a secretary, the smooth and efficient working of the society depends upon her; she (or he) is the hub from which various activities radiate, and she has more to do with the practical running of the society than any other officer. Incompetence in the office can therefore seriously impede the work of the organization.

As in case of my friend, certain characteristics should be borne in her mind. A good secretary should be:
  • A good organizer
  • Tidy and methodical
  • Calm and clear-headed
  • Tactful and friendly
Basically, the duties of the secretary are purely executive, and she should keep in close contact with her boss (or the chairman). It is her job to organize the routine office work, deal with all correspondence, convene all meetings, draw up agendas with the boss, take minutes, write the annual report (for some companies, this will not be a job for secretary), carry out the instructions and information as required. Plus, she need to be willing to help any member when there is a need. Well, the JD (job description) will be different from one company to the other. You can always check this with your HR department.

The most important thing is, what ever your job is-be patient. Think smart+doa. Good communication is the key. For my friend Katt, good luck and have fun with your new role next week! *maybe I can take over your current post? Haha.

As the very variety duties of a secretary may be frightening to the novice, kindly let me know if you need the duties in greater detail. InsyaAllah I will try my best to help. Cheers!

Pic Info: Someone emailed and asked for a photo when I was a secretary. This one, can-lah right? :)

HR: HR Director

The HR Director is a top-level manager responsible for the administration of all human resource activities and policies. The director oversees compensation, benefits, staffing, affirmative action, employee relations, health and safety, and training/development functions. They also supervise professional human resources staff.

Well, a good HR Director at least.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To All Of The Rockin' Dads

As said, happy Father's Day! (^.^)

Papa Nona~

27 tahun dulu, Papa selalu bawa Nona jalan-jalan.
Nona anak Papa yang paling hitam dan Papa tak kisah pun.
*oh, skang dah jadi anak Papa yang gemok~ ohhhh..

23 tahun dulu, Papa selalu hukum Nona bila Nona buat salah.
Nona anak Papa yang keras kepala dan Papa tak bagi muka. Huhu.

20 tahun dulu, Papa sangat garang. Silap sikit, sure kena grounded.
Nona anak Papa sentiasa cuak dengan Papa. Ex-RMC semua macam ni ke?
*takpe, Nona ada Mama untuk jadi perantara~ hehe

18 tahun dulu, Papa berubah. Papa dah tak garang macam dulu...
Nona anak Papa tahu, Papa berlembut sebab Mama dah takde,...
*Papa pun banyak ajar Nona masak macam-macam, best!

14 tahun dulu, Papa marah sebab Nona selalu give-up.
"You need to be strong Nona!" Nona anak Papa berubah:
Menjadi sangat independent dan tidak mengharap pada sesiapa!
*Papa pun kuat sebab bila business jatuh waktu recession, Papa tetap kuat! Benci recession!

9 tahun dulu, Papa panggil adik beradik. Papa nak kahwin!
Nona anak Papa tahu, Papa pun manusia biasa. Nona ok je.

5 tahun dulu, Papa sangat supportive dengan keputusan BESAR Nona.
Nona anak Papa sangat sayu, tak sangka rupanya Papa selama ni memahami,.. isk, isk,..
*Nona sendiri tak confident dengan keputusan Nona waktu tu,..

1 tahun dulu, Papa macam tak kisah dengan Nona sebab anak Papa yang 'hilang' dulu tu dah balik. Nona anak Papa tahu, Nona tak hebat macam anak-anak Papa yang lain.

Beberapa tahun dulu, Papa masuk IJN. Emergency, kena operate secepat mungkin. Nona kat UUM, tak dapat balik.
Rasanya itulah kali ke-2 Nona menangis teruk. Mata lebam macam kena tumbuk~ malu je kan?
*Kali pertama, masa Mama 'pergi',..

Nona tahu Papa sayang anak-anak Papa. Cuma ada masa, Nona rasa jauh sebab mungkin Nona tak dapat buat Papa bangga dengan Nona. Tapi, Nona sangat berterima kasih pada Papa sebab Papa tidak pernah condemn Nona dengan kegagalan Nona hadapi sekarang. Maafkan Nona Pa sebab tak mampu jadi anak yang terbaik untuk Papa. Nona sangat bangga dengan Papa dan sangat berterima kasih dengan pengorbanan dan kekuatan Papa handle anak Papa yang degil dan outspoken ni. (Hehe). Alhamduilllah, alhamdulillah. Selamat Hari Bapa Pa, Nona sayang Papa tau!"

~ The reason for me not to giving up is you. When the world says, "Give up la Nona"; you whispers, "Try it one more time and you will be stronger Nona". Pa, you are the greatest dad, walaupun Papa kadang-kadang 'kerek' dengan Nona. oho!

Pic Info: Nona & Papa last month.
Jangan tanya kenapa Nona senyum macam tu~ memang sangat huduh! Huhu.

Ps. Pa, biar Nona mati dulu sebelum Papa ya? Nona tak sanggup kehilangan Papa. Janji ok? Crossing my fingers now with doa :) **errr... bila Papa nak carikan Nona hubby ni? kahkahakakahahaha~ ok, yang last ni dah lari tajuk ;p

Friday, June 18, 2010

HR: Historical Rule of Thumb

The historical rule of thumb for HR staffing requirements is one full-time professional HR person should be hired for every 100 employees. The actual ratio for a business can vary depending upon factors such as the degree of HR centralization, the geographic distribution of the employees served, the sophistication level of the employees, and the relative complexity of the organization.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to: Othman's Family!

Thank you Allah SWT for the new arrival of baby Akif - 1st June 2010 :)
Current total anak buah-buahan: 4 [2 girls & 2 boys].

*errr,.. Akif is cute as Cik Nona dia kan? Ngeh3x.

Berita Brunei

Agak terkejut dengan berita ini: Berita Brunei

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aku Rindu~

Jujurnya, aku rindu mereka ini semua.
Bila agaknya aku dapat kembali ke sana untuk bersama mereka?
Kamu tahu bukan kekecewaan aku bukan kepalang sekarang? Ohhhh~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Global Professional in Human Resources certification was established by the Human Resource Certification Institute as a way to recognize professionals involved in the global practice of human resources. GPHR certification demonstrates mastery of strategic management; organizational effectiveness; employee development; global staffing, compensation and benefits; and international employee relations.

Mari Membesarkan Mata Secara Percuma~

Hari ini aku terima sampul dari Ciba Vision. Apa itu Ciba Vision? Ok, sila baca sampai habis untuk berkongsi manfaat ini bersama. Ini mengenai 1-day trial lenses promotion. Mula-mula aku tahu pasal 1-day trial lenses promotion ni adalah dari blog Si Diana (aku masih dalam proses nak khatamkan entry dia-semangat untuk hidup solo terus padam sama sekali selepas mengikuti blog dia). "Haha, kau pahamkan maksud aku Di?". Ok, terkeluar topik.

Apa pun, hari yang sama aku selesai mengisi borang online bagi mendapatkan trial lenses di:, aku terbaca pulak entry Lady Noe pasal kejayaan (kejayaan ke? ok, aku tak tau nak define macam mana) mendapat trial lenses ini. Kiranya, bukan kes tipu la kan. Macam kes gores dan menang, konon kamu menang tapi tetap kena bayar bagai. Cuma, aku tidak mengharap sebab aku dah kejung mengharap pada apa-apa dalam hidup aku. Oh, agak emosi.

Jadi, aku akan menggunakan trial ini dalam minggu depan untuk keluar 'dating 'dengan orang dari Terengganu :) -oh, hari mendung bagai menyinarkan cahayanya. Ditambah pula dengan mata yang besau dan pastinya mempunyai power untuk melihat cahaya itu. Jadi, apa kata kamu juga cuba. Boleh kita bermata besau bersama-sama walaupun kamu tidak rabun seperti aku. Yeah!

Nota Kaki: Jangan salah faham, dating dengan gadis ya, bukan jejaka! :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Berita UUM: NC Baru

KUALA LUMPUR 14 Jun - Profesor Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak dilantik sebagai Naib Canselor baru Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) menggantikan Tan Sri Dr. Nordin Kadri yang akan bersara setelah berkhidmat selama lima tahun.

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa, 50, telah berkhidmat dengan UUM selama 25 tahun, sebelum ini menjawat jawatan Naib Canselor (Akademik dan Antarabangsa).

Pelantikan beliau untuk tempoh tiga tahun mulai 16 Jun ini hingga 15 Jun 2013 diumumkan oleh Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khalid Nordin dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa berkelulusan Ph.D (Sosiologi Politik) dari University of Leeds dan MA (Politik) dari University of York, England.

Beliau merupakan staf akademik awal UUM yang memulakan kerjaya akademik dari peringkat bawah sebagai seorang tutor dan kemudiannya sebagai pensyarah sehinggalah dilantik sebagai profesor dalam bidang politik dan pengajian antarabangsa.

Beliau turut dikenali kerana sering menulis dan memberikan pelbagai komentar dan analisis politik nasional dan antarabangsa kerana kepakaran beliau sebagai seorang profesor dalam bidang sains politik dan hal ehwal antarabangsa.

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa turut memegang jawatan sebagai ketua kluster politik, keselamatan dan hal ehwal antarabangsa Majlis Profesor Negara di peringkat nasional dan Presiden Persatuan Pengajian Antarabangsa. — Bernama

Sumber: Utusan Online

**Adakah ini bermakna sistem kolej(fakulti) di UUM akan berubah sekali lagi?

BERITA HR: Gaji Baru Ditangguh

PUTRAJAYA 13 Jun – Kabinet memutuskan untuk menangguhkan sementara pelaksanaan gaji minimum baru untuk pengawal keselamatan yang dijadualkan pada 1 Julai ini, bagi memberi lebih masa kepada pihak industri untuk mengemas kini operasi mereka.

Kementerian Sumber Manusia dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini memberitahu, penangguhan sementara pelaksanaan gaji minimum tersebut di bawah Perintah Peraturan Gaji Minimum Pengawal Keselamatan Swasta bagi Semenanjung, Sabah dan Sarawak, adalah susulan daripada permintaan Persatuan Perkhidmatan Kawalan Keselamatan Malaysia (PPKKM) kepada pihak kerajaan.

Setelah pengumuman dibuat bagi melaksanakan gaji minimum baru pada 1 Julai 2010, Kementerian Sumber Manusia menerima maklum balas daripada PPKKM yang memaklumkan bahawa perintah (peraturan Gaji Minimum) tersebut akan memberi implikasi kepada perniagaan mereka terutama berkenaan kontrak sedia ada.

PPKKM juga memohon supaya kerajaan menangguhkan pelaksanaan perintah itu untuk membolehkan mereka mengambil tindakan mengemas kini operasi mereka sewajarnya.

Menurut kenyataan itu lagi, setelah mempertimbangkan rayuan PPKKM, Kabinet memutuskan untuk menangguhkan sementara pelaksanaan gaji minimum bagi pengawal keselamatan.

Pada 22 April lalu, Menteri Sumber Manusia, Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam mengumumkan kenaikan gaji antara 67 hingga 75 peratus kepada pengawal keselamatan bermula 1 Julai ini.

Sumber: Utusan Online

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mind Your Language!

Am just done with my 'marathon' on the Mind Your Language complete series... for the twentieth! (oh well, I guess more~ haha). This TV show was played and overplayed in the UK, Middle East and India. The series is in 6 volumes offering the complete collection of over 750 hours of pure laughter!

Well, let me tell you a little bit about my favourite 'otai' sitcom.

In the league of Monthly Python and Foulty Towers, Mind Your Language on of the most hilarious and politically incorrect TV Sit-Comes ever created. Barry Evans plays Jeremy Brown (ohhh,.. my dear Mr. Brown!), a mind mannered English teacher, keen and ready to take on the world of language! That is until he meets his new students: an Indian, a Pakistan, an Arab, an Italian, a Greek, a Japanese, a French, a Chinese and many more,.. who can barely speak a word of English between them. His life is further complicated by the formidable night school principal Miss Courtney, who is destined to make Jeremy's life a living hell. Not to forget the school staff: Sid and Gladys.

Sadly, my favourite Mr. Brown, Barry Evans passed away on 11 February 1997 (wah,.. I was born on 11 February 1979~ what a surreal!). He was found dead in a dilapidated bungalow and Evans' death remains a mystery to this day.

One of the memorable quotes: -

Police Sergeant: What is your name?
Juan Cervantes: Por favor?
Police Sergeant: How do you spell that?
Jeremy Brown
: That's not his name!
Police Sergeant: Oh, giving me a fake name, are we?
Juan Cervantes: Por favor?
Police Sergeant: I'll come back to you, Mr. Por Favor, or whatever you name is!

My all the way sitcom~ yes, so vintage rite?! They never fail to make me laugh when ever I need one. Haha~ "Oh blimey!..." **one of Ali's typical catchphrases (the Pakistani student: Ali Nadeem)~

Morale of the sitcom: Practice and never give up to learn and perform~ though you know you are such a loser, like me-uh.

More: -
Starring: Barry Evans, Zara Butley, Tommy Godfrey, Iris Sadler, Pik-Sen Lim, Robert Lee, Dino Shafeek, George Camiller, Richardo Montez, Kevork Malikyan, Jacki Harding, Robert Lee, Jamilla Massey, Albert Moses, Francoise Pascal.

Series Written and Developed by: Vince Powel
Produced and Directed by: Stuart Allen
Front Row filmed entertainment.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gambar Dalam Frame #006

Oh yeah, 'Spiderman' sedang menunjukkan skill~
"NA, NA (short-form dari Cik Nona),.." jerit 'Spiderman' memanggil aku sambil buat larian gedik dia sebelum menunjukkan skill seperti di dalam gambar~
*sebenarnya aku rindu kat 'spiderman' ni sejak dia balik kampung sempena cuti sekolah walaupun dia belum masuk sekolah~ huhu

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HR: Core Employees

Core employees are permanent, traditional employees who have the critical skills necessary for an organization's continued existence. These employees guide the company's strategies for the future. Core employees are surrounded by a flexible ring of contingent workers who handle non-core work.

Nona & Kontest porttuantanah~

Tidak, bukan mimpi. Ini betul-betul :)

Betul, ini adalah kali pertama aku join kontest sejak berblogging. Semua mungkin faham sebab blog aku ini lebih kepada perkongsian maklumat mengenai HR. Jadi, kebanyakkan entry adalah skema seperti yang dikomen dan di-email oleh tetamu blog ini. Jadi, umpama memecahkan ruyung-silalah terima penyertaan aku di kontest yang dianjurkan oleh blogger porttuantanah. Kontest ini telah bermula sejak 10 Mei hingga 10 Jun 2010 (oh, hari ini ya). Kebetulan baru tahu sewaktu blogwalking. Entah angin mana, terbuka pula hati untuk join. Selepas bertungkus lumus (errr... berlumus dengan model sebenarnya), akhirnya baru dapat submit gambar yang diusahakan pada detik-detik terakhir.

pic info: menggunakan mainan anak buah bagi menghasilkan huruf-huruf yang diperlukan. Kreatif dalam menggunakan apa yang ada sahaja (baca: pembaris huruf hilang sebenarnya).

Setiap watak tidak dapat dilakonkan sendiri oleh tuan blog ini (baca: aku) kerana perlu menjadi camerawoman. Nak guna laptop? Oh, gambar akan jadi terbalik & kurang seperti yang dikehendaki. Disebabkan model 'Spiderman' yang biasa digunakan di dalam blog ini sudah balik kampung sempena cuti sekolah-perlantikkan khas telah dilakukan ke atas model yang juga sebaya dengan model 'Spiderman'. Agak bermasalah sebab tangan model baru ni sukar dikawal-asyik dok beraksi suka hati mak enon aje. Tapi ianya tetap membuahkan hasil dan tidak mustahil akan membuahkan blackberry sebagai hadiah (huh, impian!).

Oh, masih ada yang tak faham. Maklumat lanjut mengenai kontest ini, sila ke sini. Lepas tu baru la kamu akan sangat faham dengan penjelasan di atas. Perghhhh,.. ayat tetap skema. Hadiah? Tiga blackberry dipertaruhkan-kencang juga si Abe dan TTT ni. Mantap dua beradik nih! Yo!

Dengan berbesar hati: inilah gambar yang berjaya dihasilkan dan dengan harapan besar agar aku menang. Haha. Oh ya, kamu juga boleh join tapi kena cepat sebab hari ini adalah hari terakhir-tepat jam 23:59hrs.

*klik gambar untuk tumbesaran

Pic Info:

Gambar #1: Watak Abe yang perlu pakai topeng/blur di muka.
Dengan keLEBIHan tangan rimau yang ada, ianya telah digunakan sebagai peng'cover muka. Yeah, siap ada telinga rimau yea.

Gambar #2: Watak TTT yang perlu di-censored-kan mata.
Dengan spek mata itam kepunyaan sendiri, model telah berjaya membangkitkan mood 'kesensoran' bahagian mata itu tadi. Yup, seksi bukan? Sama macam TTT juga (chewah!).

Gambar #3: Watak Nonahanim~ tuan blog (peserta kontest)
Sangat suka katak (model memakai sepit katak di rambut), serta turut mendengar iPod. Yes, so Nona yang 27hours guna iPod (di luar waktu kerja). Mata nak kasi impak lebih, kasi besau sikit. Cuma model agak payah nak kasi pakai tudung. *Model seksi ya. Harap maklum.*

  1. Buat entry khas
  2. 3 gambar (Abe + TTT + Nona)
  3. Banner di sidebar
  4. Backlink
  5. Jadi follower
  6. Inform TTT with link entry ni
Pssstttt,... tanpa mimpi & impian, kita bukanlah manusia hebat!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HR: Tangible & Intangible Costs

A vacated or unfilled job within an organization results in tangible, measurable costs as well as intangible costs. The intangible costs include the uncompensated increased workloads other employees assume during the vacancy, the added stress and tension during and after the turnover, declining employee morale, and decreased work group synergy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Badak? Cipan? Tapir?

Ya, aku jumpa Si Badak Cipan Tapir di Melaka baru-baru ini.
Zoo Melaka: The Amazing Natural Wildlife Splendour in Melaka.
Pic Info: Yes, itu tangan aku yang excited tunjuk nama Si Cipan~


Just-in-time training (JITT) is employee training immediately prior to its usage in production. The advantage to implementing JITT is the shortened time between learning and application. JITT is usually offered and deployed through automated software training systems. When an employee requires new training, they log in to the appropriate software library and begin learning.