Sunday, May 9, 2010

My PurrrrFECT Moms: Mama + Makcik

A mommy can fix things,
from boo-boos to dinner,
she's caring and sweet
and a good tucker inner.

She thinks you're an angel
whatever you do,
'cause she's loving and wise -
and a special friend, too!

I have two moms in my heart,
my late Mama & my step mom (call her: Makcik).

Thank you both for everything,
and to all moms in the world,..

*pic info: an old pic of me with 'makcik', on my very first day@UUM. Want to know a secret? Well, in UUM-I've gained weight like hell (I've gained 10kg++!), and I just can't fit my own baju kurung anymore-so, most of kurung i used in UUM belongs to my Makcik. Hehe. See, what a great step mom she is! **NOTE: in UUM, we need to wear formal to class or when dealing with the management.


Kapten said...

eeeiii x malu share baju org

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Yunus Badawi said...

Untunglah boleh pakai baju makcik awak. Awak pinjam atau ambil terus baju2 tu? hehehe

Othman Juliana said...

ko jealous la tu kapten~ tak bleh nak pinjam baju mak ko. haha.

oh, mula2 saya kata pinjam YB-pastu ayah kata amek terus :D

Othman Juliana said...

sorry, ada comments yang hilang. i have clicked publish-but somehow its gone! Sorry!! Nak sgt blk one of the comments psl bg tips nak kurus tu~ can you get back to me about that?

**blur for the past few days~