Monday, May 24, 2010

HR: Most Expensive City In The World

Moscow is the most expensive city in the world, according to a survey compiled by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The survey ranked 144 cities around the world in terms of costs of such things as housing, transportation and food. Moscow moved up three spots in the latest survey and surpassed perennial cost leader Tokyo.

Well, I have this plan to learn a new language since last year. To learn Russian. Hopefully it will benefit me. Guess I'll need to get a help from my ex-colleague, Olga - she's a Russian, and I may get cheaper tuition eh~

**this means 'Hello!' in Russian \(^.^)/


TOKMA said...

Teringin lak nak melawat Moscow...jom Jue kita 2 gi jalan2..!!!

Othman Juliana said...

Tokma, kita gi sama2-tapi Tokma blk Msia sorang, Jue nak terus tinggal sana :D bleh? ngeh3x

TOKMA said...

Kalau nak duk lama, kawin ajer ngan matsaleh sana dapat PR...habis cerita.

Pastu...slalu ler tokma ziarah Jue..oopppssss!!!!....dasar kaki jalan.

Othman Juliana said...


Tokma doa2kan la ek. Hehe~ gatai! Jue kawen matsaleh sana-Tokma datang every month pun no problem! :D

**Tu la, dulu time keje ada mat saleh (kawan mat saleh kat opis Jue) tu nak-tapi disebabkan Jue dah ada bf (so, setia kipas mati la kan) Jue tak accept la dia. Dia siap belajor cakap melayu lagi (-.-') Aih!