Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HR: Employees MisUSING The Internet

More than 25% of employers have terminated employees for misusing the Internet, according to a recent Management Association survey. Recent surveys of Internet use in the workplace indicate a majority of workers use these tools for personal use. Management experts suggest organizations should have a written computer usage policy with specific consequences for violation.

So, have a look with your surrounding, do any of your colleagues should be terminate for the same reason? What do you think?


Nur -al- Ain said...

bukan employees je, students pun.. eh eh, akak jage library uitm pun asyik bukak FB n main YM je. hoihhh..

Othman Juliana said...

yeah, nasib sis tak addicted dgn FB. jarang2, kadang2 je bukak. oho!

**paling menyampah bila yang dok update status every 2minutes! macam makan gaji buta je (oho, tiba2 emo! haha)