Friday, March 26, 2010

Lights OFF Please!!

Personally, supporting the Earth Hour in 2009, I was in Kulim, Kedah. We (me & my housemate) have supported this campaign by turned off our lights for an hour~ basically, we have turned off everything that involve electricity. It was a great feeling to do so & excited! It may just a small contribution by us, but it was to raise some awareness towards the need to take action, though none of our neighbors had turn off their lights! Yeah, some excitement for the first time, geee~ So, for this year (2nd times for Malaysia to participated)-lets support this campaign by turn off your lights. Show that you care! Cheers!

So, JOM SUPPORT the Earth Hour Campaign tomorrow:
DATE: 27th March 2010, TIME: 08:30pm - 09:30pm.
**Just 60 minutes in dark la~

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