Thursday, February 4, 2010

NEWS: Lonely girl marries her laptop

By Noorsila Abd Majid

It may be hard to believe, but a pretty lass from London, Hermione Way, has tied the knot with her laptop which she named Alex.

The 24-year-old professed her love for Alex, a 17-inch MacBook Pro over YouTube.

The human-machine couple had an unofficial exchange of vows on Jan 31.

Even Hermione's mum, Jane, has given her blessings. “We know Hermione will have a happy life.”

“Alex and I are happy together,” declares "the bride" on YouTube. “We’re inseparable. We’ve been spending every minute of every day together for the past two years.”

Citing that she chose Alex over a real man because he (Alex) doesn’t care how she looks like, Hermione adds, “If people are accepting same sex marriage these days, they should allow me to marry my high-tech partner.”

Published Feb 1, 2010
From The Daily Chilli

** Something that some people says, the modern we are, the more open minded we will be. Hmmm,... are you sure people??

Nonahanim: Does this means I need to marry my MacBook too?? Haha~ ridiculous!!

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