Friday, January 8, 2010

The Number ONE Fear!

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about what you fear most in life? Some people will automatically point their fingers to “death”. Death is a very popular fear, for nobody is actually ready to die, and almost everyone is terrified of death. However, there is one real fear that people experience but never own up to it. According to the Wall Street Journal, it was found that the number one fear in life other then life is ---> "Drumroll please", Public Speaking!

The idea of standing in front of people to deliver a speech sends shivers down the back of most peoples. Public speaking is even more feared then death. I was shocked to find this out but the truth of statistic published by Wall Street Journal cannot be denied. A niggling question however surfaces here are people afraid of public speaking or is it actually a fear of public embarrassment? What do you think? Is it the fear of a multitude of eyes all focused on one person, at you? Or could it simply be that we fear messing up in what is supposed to be a serious and professional act? The act of speaking confidently. Probably it’s a mixture of eyes. And it does differ from person to person, and situation to situation.

However public speaking is not as scary as we perceive it to be. Your first experience with public speaking might not turn out to be what you had hoped for. Probably it might even turn out to be a complete failure in your own eyes. To be frank, this is not the case. Be positive about your public speaking; confine yourself that nobody starts as a perfect speaker. Much practice goes into becoming a good public speakers. Many good public speakers will tell you, they are not born as good speakers. It is something that they had to work hard at, to acquire.

TRUE, whether you or me, all of us will have to undergo the fear factor. But it is also true that this fear can be overcome and we become the most eloquent speakers through practice , because practice makes perfect. We need to build confidence and put to good use the adrenalin that hypes your nervousness. Put the adrenalin to work in a positive manner and you will be able to give an energetic talk.

So, carry on with poise. Give yourself permission not to be perfect and you can be a good speaker. Do you think you still lack? Look around; if you can talk with a total stranger next to you-yes, you can be a good speaker.

Remember guys, life is simple but it is not easy. So, work it out and you will win!!

**Nota tapak: ini teks Public Speaking aku hari tu. (CiBEC Cohort 9)

**drumroll, kami guna baldi untuk diketuk-ketuk. Sound effect kena lebih sikit :D

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