Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 and I am Single (",)

Wow, it is 2010! How time flies. Getting old and still enjoying the puff of life (yeah, puff as Gingie said-haha). Nothing much though, some picture to share as 2009 is back of us now, and all those great and bad (bad or challenges I say?) memories.

When the 'Penyu' is back home~
(model: my beloved Hida @ the Beach of Rusila, Marang)

2010: single, older, back in KL for good (currently), start my 'expensive' class (konun2 la~), searching for some scholar, extra care to papa and makcik, reduce weight (yeah!** blink, blink), catch some HR real challenges, get back to some old friends a.k.a more kopitiam sessions-haha, more cool about everything and anything! (sometimes I think too much about small things!!), get the expat 'synchro' (haha), less 'garang' as cik nona, extra humanities work, and work ---> work???

This is not my New Year's Revolution as I don't have any-my calender has always packed with more and more activities. Life is too short and I want to assure it worth to be given to me. Thanks Allah SWT for my wonderful life. Challenges happened because only He knows the limitations and at the end of the day it made me stronger. InsyaAllah.

Well, my calender is full for the year 2010. How bout you?

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