Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I can't sleep. I don't feel sleepy. Even though the hotel is providing with the most comfort bed I ever had (yeah, so right!). *sigh*
Sometimes life is unpredictable if you ask me or life IS unpredictable (do I understand myself right now? Hope you are as I think I do).

As I have more time to write now (not really though as I need to do some work later) rather then the past two weeks (busy, busy weeks). I'm praying that my life gonna change-soon. I will be right with my decision and the most critical part is to be happy with it. Exactly. It's the most important part in life. But, what will be my priorities? *am looking at the wall*

Priorities can be set in a number of ways. One simple way is to ask myself the rank-order the issues by: What is most important? What is second most important? and, What is least important? Or I can do some SWOT (management students will be pro in this). For Muslims, Istiqarah will be extra great way to help the steps in ranking it.

Still, to be frank-I have no answer to it. Call me choosy even I am not.

Life is simple? Yes, it is. But it's not easy though~
Nonahanim signing out.

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