Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mama Nona~

I lost my mom for 17 years now (yes, this entry should be post last two weeks-but unfortunately I was so stuck with things back in Kedah). It was a hard time (even today, sometimes I still feel hard). Back then, she always remind me, “you need to behave yourself or nobody-no one will want to take care of you when I’m gone”. I replied, “so be it-no worries”. Stupid. Reality, she knew that she has only few months to live – suffering gall cancer final stage. Among my siblings, I’ve always accompany my mom for any traditional and modern medical treatments. Somehow I always thought that one day, one fine day she will recover from her sickness (didn’t know about the cancer yet).

On Oct 1st, 1992, sharp at 0110 hrs-I’ve lost her by my side. Lost part of my light. I didn’t cry at first, it took me sometime to slap myself and realize the fact what just happen~ Mourning.

Even in her absence, she could still make me smile (”,)

Today, I keep on missing my mom and only now I know how it feels to be a grown up with so much of responsibilities and worries. Somehow I know, I’m strong because of her, because of her patient with me, anak dara dia yang degil! Thanks Mama! Psstt,.. Mama, Nona tak kahwin lagi ni~ smile.

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Rosmah Yahya, the greatest mama of mine!

:: Nonahanim - silent mood ::

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