Friday, October 23, 2009

HR: Code Of Conduct

1.To lay down principles and guidelines to employers and workers on the practice of industrial relations for achieving greater industrial harmony.

2.The Malayan Council of Employers' Organization as representatives of employers generally and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress as representatives of workers generally.

3.AFFIRMING their belief in the concept and principles as enshrined in the RUKUNEGARA;

4.BEING CONSCIOUS of the responsibilities towards those whom they represent as well as the society of which they are an integral part;

5.RECOGNISING that industrial peace is essential for a sound and stable economy, especially at a time of stagflation, and that a sound and stable economy is of paramount importance for achieving the objectives of the national development plans which are committed to the task of creating a united, socially just, economically equitable and progressive Malaysian nation;

6.HEREBY ENDORSE, with the collaboration and approval of the Ministry of Labour and Manpower, this CODE OF CONDUCT FOR INDUSTRIAL HARMONY and commend both employers and workers in Malaysia to observe and comply with its Provisions, viz;


to refrain from taking unilateral action with regard to any industrial dispute;


to resolve all differences, grievances and disputes strictly in accordance with the grievance procedures of collective agreements, or, where there are no agreements, by negotiation, conciliation and arbitration;


to ensure that at all times all matters in dispute are dealt with by the proper machinery established for that purpose;


to promote constructive and positive cooperation at all levels in industry and to abide faithfully by the spirit of agreements mutually entered into;


to establish, where none exists, a procedure which will ensure a complete and speedy investigation of grievances leading to a joint settlement;


to comply with the various steps in the procedure for disposal of grievances and to avoid any arbitrary action which ignores these procedures;


to refrain from resorting to coercion, intimidation, victimization and to avoid go-slow, sit-down and stay-in-strikes; and


to educate managements and workers of their obligations to each other.

7.HEREBY FURTHER ENDORSE AND COMMEND the observance and compliance by both employers and workers, of such industrial relations practices as may be agreed, from time to time, between the Malayan Council of Employers' Organisation as representatives of employers generally and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress as representatives of workers generally and accepted by the Ministry of Labour and Manpower.

8.EMPLOYERS FURTHER AGREE not to support or encourage any unfair labour practices such as:


interference with the affairs of a trade union and the rights of workers to organise;


discrimination, restraint or coercion against any worker because of legitimate trade union activities; and


abuse of authority in any form.

9.UNIONS FURTHER AGREE not to support or to encourage unfair labour practices such as:


negligence of duty;


damage to property;


insubordination; and


interference with or disturbance to normal work.

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