Wednesday, October 28, 2009

:: Due to unexpected situation~ I can't be blogging for few days. However, I will try to be back ASAP. Any Q&A, you can always email to me (to those that have not been reply-sorry for the delay). Thank you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Family Wall Of Fame~

HR: Early Signs

An employee giving his or her two-week notice of resignation usually comes with little surprise. According to an article by Entrepreneur magazine, early warning signs include more personal phone calls, closed office doors and increased sick days. Other signs: the often vocal employee suddenly becomes passive, a normally quiet employee turns into a squeaky wheel, and an employee who suddenly seems happy.

So, bosses out there-watch the changes of your employee.
Try not to be surprise by your employee.

Nonahanim: Normally a big company will require employee to give two months (or more) notice.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

HR: HR Benefits Administrator

The HR Benefits Administrator directs benefits programs for the organization. They research and review benefit programs, as well as furnish information about costs and coverages. In addition, they prepare all required documents to implement benefits programs, maintain all necessary records and files, and serve as the organization's representative to insurance brokers.

Calvin and Hobbes

I can't sleep and due to the dateline I need to catch up, I cannot sleep. Somehow I just can't do my work now. Just so stuck and lock. What do they say about people and time? Well, for this few days I really need to catch my time somehow, someway. So, I just stood at one corner and grab this one book (refer to the attached picture). Yes, its hilarious and I was laughing. Some stress released. Now, I need to continue with my work. So many to go through and to be done. Who said BM (Bahasa Malaysia) is easy? Guess we need to smack the person off.

Thank you Calvin and Hobbes~
:: sign off ::

Friday, October 23, 2009

HR: Online Higher-Education Enrollment

Online higher-education enrollment has increased dramatically as compared to traditional, in-person enrollment. The market research firm Eduventures estimates that by 2008, one in ten college students will be enrolled in an online degree program. A recent repeal of a federal rule requiring colleges to provide at least half of their instruction on campus is expected to further boost online education programs.

HR: Code Of Conduct

1.To lay down principles and guidelines to employers and workers on the practice of industrial relations for achieving greater industrial harmony.

2.The Malayan Council of Employers' Organization as representatives of employers generally and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress as representatives of workers generally.

3.AFFIRMING their belief in the concept and principles as enshrined in the RUKUNEGARA;

4.BEING CONSCIOUS of the responsibilities towards those whom they represent as well as the society of which they are an integral part;

5.RECOGNISING that industrial peace is essential for a sound and stable economy, especially at a time of stagflation, and that a sound and stable economy is of paramount importance for achieving the objectives of the national development plans which are committed to the task of creating a united, socially just, economically equitable and progressive Malaysian nation;

6.HEREBY ENDORSE, with the collaboration and approval of the Ministry of Labour and Manpower, this CODE OF CONDUCT FOR INDUSTRIAL HARMONY and commend both employers and workers in Malaysia to observe and comply with its Provisions, viz;


to refrain from taking unilateral action with regard to any industrial dispute;


to resolve all differences, grievances and disputes strictly in accordance with the grievance procedures of collective agreements, or, where there are no agreements, by negotiation, conciliation and arbitration;


to ensure that at all times all matters in dispute are dealt with by the proper machinery established for that purpose;


to promote constructive and positive cooperation at all levels in industry and to abide faithfully by the spirit of agreements mutually entered into;


to establish, where none exists, a procedure which will ensure a complete and speedy investigation of grievances leading to a joint settlement;


to comply with the various steps in the procedure for disposal of grievances and to avoid any arbitrary action which ignores these procedures;


to refrain from resorting to coercion, intimidation, victimization and to avoid go-slow, sit-down and stay-in-strikes; and


to educate managements and workers of their obligations to each other.

7.HEREBY FURTHER ENDORSE AND COMMEND the observance and compliance by both employers and workers, of such industrial relations practices as may be agreed, from time to time, between the Malayan Council of Employers' Organisation as representatives of employers generally and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress as representatives of workers generally and accepted by the Ministry of Labour and Manpower.

8.EMPLOYERS FURTHER AGREE not to support or encourage any unfair labour practices such as:


interference with the affairs of a trade union and the rights of workers to organise;


discrimination, restraint or coercion against any worker because of legitimate trade union activities; and


abuse of authority in any form.

9.UNIONS FURTHER AGREE not to support or to encourage unfair labour practices such as:


negligence of duty;


damage to property;


insubordination; and


interference with or disturbance to normal work.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back to 1990

Something I found with my old stuff back in 1990. Autograph written by my English teacher, Cik Fazilah (Puan Fazilah last I heard). I was in primary that time (primary: BBGS 2 & SRKSS). Wonder though, how everyone are doing. Past made who we are now-true? :: silent mode ::

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why September 16th?

After my post on Malaysia New Public Holiday, I've received numerous emails on the topic (its not exactly a topic as it was a BREAKING NEWS! - source given to me direct from Dewan Parliament!). Some were arguing, why?-don't we have enough public holidays? Some are happy (well, more extra day for not working, why not!). Some were wondering why that particular date? Some were asking, it will just be like Malaysia's Independent day or such. Some even comment: "Yes, the best leader ever for Malaysia!" (Just because of the given holiday??).

Do you know why September 16th?

On August 31st 1957, we are known as Malaya and not yet as Malaysia. The history for Malaysia begin when 16th September 1963, Sabah and Sarawak obtained their independence from British and at the same time Malaysia was formed. This is when Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore agreed to form a federation with one constitution - the Federal Constitution. However, due to a political reason, Singapore left the constitution.

Malaya + Sabah + Sarawak ----> Malaysia
What do you think? :: I rest my case for now ::

BERITA: Kembalikan Caruman 11%

PETALING JAYA 18 Okt. – Kongres Kesatuan Sekerja Malaysia (MTUC) hari ini meminta kerajaan membenarkan 2.2 juta pekerja yang memilih potongan lapan peratus bagi caruman Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) untuk kembali kepada 11 peratus berkuat kuasa serta merta.

Sambil merujuk kepada keadaan ekonomi yang semakin pulih, Naib Presiden MTUC, A. Balasubramaniam memberitahu, caruman KWSP merupakan simpanan untuk hari tua bagi pekerja sektor swasta dan adalah penting peratusan simpanan itu dikekalkan.

Berikutan krisis ekonomi, pada November lepas, kerajaan telah membenarkan para pekerja untuk memilih sama ada kekal dengan caruman 11 peratus atau mengurangkannya sebanyak tiga peratus kepada lapan peratus untuk tempoh dua tahun mulai 1 Januari tahun ini.

Menurut KWSP, sejumlah 2.2 juta atau 40 peratus daripada pekerja telah memilih untuk mengurangkannya kepada lapan peratus.

Balasubramaniam berkata, MTUC kini prihatin dengan 2.2 juta pekerja kerana mereka kini kerugian dalam bentuk dividen dan bayaran akhir apabila mereka mencapai umur persaraan.

Katanya, walaupun pilihannya adalah dua tahun, kerajaan perlu membenarkan mereka untuk kembali kepada caruman yang asal sekarang.

– Bernama

*Dipetik dar Utusan Malaysia Online

Nonahanim: ya, saya sangat tidak bersetuju dengan potongan kepada 9% yang dilakukan dahulu. Apabila tiba waktu untuk pencen, simpanan adalah sangat tidak mencukupi bagi pesara-pesara ini. Perbezaan sebanyak 2% tidak memberi kesan yang besar pada setiap bulan sebenarnya tetapi memberi impak yang besar sewaktu persaraan.

Malaysia NEW Public Holiday

As announced by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak in Parliament today: -

From 2010 onwards, 16 September will be a public holiday for Malaysia.
16 September will be known as: Malaysia Day.

Jom SHARE: Isra' Mi'raj

Tanda keagungan dan kekuasaan Allah SWT.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali To All!
Pom, pom, pom,... *sound effect from the fire crackers*

Friday, October 16, 2009

HR: Behavioral Job Interview

Behavioral job interviewing was developed in the 1970s. Behavioral interviewing emphasizes past performance and behavior in predicting a candidate's future success with an organization. Candidates are asked to give specific examples of how they demonstrated particular behaviors and skills in the past. Nearly 30% of all organizations use behavioral interviewing to some degree.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mama Nona~

I lost my mom for 17 years now (yes, this entry should be post last two weeks-but unfortunately I was so stuck with things back in Kedah). It was a hard time (even today, sometimes I still feel hard). Back then, she always remind me, “you need to behave yourself or nobody-no one will want to take care of you when I’m gone”. I replied, “so be it-no worries”. Stupid. Reality, she knew that she has only few months to live – suffering gall cancer final stage. Among my siblings, I’ve always accompany my mom for any traditional and modern medical treatments. Somehow I always thought that one day, one fine day she will recover from her sickness (didn’t know about the cancer yet).

On Oct 1st, 1992, sharp at 0110 hrs-I’ve lost her by my side. Lost part of my light. I didn’t cry at first, it took me sometime to slap myself and realize the fact what just happen~ Mourning.

Even in her absence, she could still make me smile (”,)

Today, I keep on missing my mom and only now I know how it feels to be a grown up with so much of responsibilities and worries. Somehow I know, I’m strong because of her, because of her patient with me, anak dara dia yang degil! Thanks Mama! Psstt,.. Mama, Nona tak kahwin lagi ni~ smile.

Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Rosmah Yahya, the greatest mama of mine!

:: Nonahanim - silent mood ::

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jom SHARE: Magazine For Mac

I've been using Mac for ages (since the day of iMac - CPU and monitor are one), but I'm so lame in using the Mac family for the best of work (lazy ass). As a management student, my priority has always been on doing research; not design. So, let it be I said. Now, I've bought this mag: The Independent Guide To The Mac. I learn my lesson. Even when my iPhone has spoiled!

NOTE: If you are using any Mac's family products, the mag is highly recommended. It's helpful with simple words to understand. Not so expensive (RM29.90) I guess with such info.

<--- my MacBook with zillion scratches :: sigh ::

Undergraduate With Debts

Nearly two-thirds of undergraduate students graduate college with some debt. Are you one of them? For myself, yes I am (not proud though). No option for me as I've reached over the range to apply scholar (that time). So, the only option was PTPTN. When our education can be easy (and cheap)? Undergraduates from Malaysia Government Universities also known as exam oriented students (memories just everything without knowing how to practice it). True? You can answer that.

:: i rest my case ::


I can't sleep. I don't feel sleepy. Even though the hotel is providing with the most comfort bed I ever had (yeah, so right!). *sigh*
Sometimes life is unpredictable if you ask me or life IS unpredictable (do I understand myself right now? Hope you are as I think I do).

As I have more time to write now (not really though as I need to do some work later) rather then the past two weeks (busy, busy weeks). I'm praying that my life gonna change-soon. I will be right with my decision and the most critical part is to be happy with it. Exactly. It's the most important part in life. But, what will be my priorities? *am looking at the wall*

Priorities can be set in a number of ways. One simple way is to ask myself the rank-order the issues by: What is most important? What is second most important? and, What is least important? Or I can do some SWOT (management students will be pro in this). For Muslims, Istiqarah will be extra great way to help the steps in ranking it.

Still, to be frank-I have no answer to it. Call me choosy even I am not.

Life is simple? Yes, it is. But it's not easy though~
Nonahanim signing out.

How To Choose?

Today I've received two offers (opss, not today to be exact --> yesterday).
How to choose between the two?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cerpen Pendek (1)

"Aku sebenarnya dah give up sangat", keluh Ali di hening petang.
"Give up apanya kau ni? Bukan kau tu hati batu berurat besi,.." Meon membalas.

Sambil gelak terkekek-kekek, Ali menjawab, "itu semua pandangan orang pada aku. Nampak saja kuat tapi sebenarnya aku renyah kat dalam ni. Baru-baru ni pakcik aku perli aku, katanya anak-anak dia berjaya. Almaklum, keluar Universiti terus dapat kerja di Putrajaya bertaraf Jurutera pula tu. Aku ni, asyik kerja kat McDonald lah, KFC la, sampai sudah".

"Jadi, itu alasan kau untuk give up? That easy kawan?", balas Meon lagi.
"Kau boleh la cakap Meon, kau ada kerja, makan gaji dengan gomen, relax pula tu. Aku ni, bila asyik orang perli-sanggap juga jadinya. Pakcik aku tu yang paling aku tak tahan, asyik perli dan bandingkan dengan anak dia. Lama-lama mau gila juga aku. Asyik-asyik engineer, engineer,.. arghhhhhhh!!!", hentak Ali dengan agak menjerit.

Meon tidak menjawab lagi sungutan temannya Ali. Dia hanya memandang sambil berkata dalam hati, "Ali, Ali, kau juga sebenarnya hebat, cuma kekecewaan kau yang buat kau lemah. Tidak bermakna kau perlu jadi seorang jurutera, doktor atau Menteri untuk menjadi hebat. Cuma kau perlu berusaha dan menjadi sebaiknya dengan apa yang kau kecapi. Pakcik kau mungkin buta mata, hati kerana kejayaan kecil anaknya. Siapa tahu, esok lusa bila kau berada di puncak dia akan resah dengan standard biasa anaknya. Aku tahu kau kuat Ali, kau hebat kerana aku kenal kau yang berjaya berhadapan dengan segala dugaan yang aku tak rasa semua orang mampu hadapi. Pergorbanan yang lebih besar kau pernah hadapi, kenapa sekecil dugaan kau merintih".

Meon menepuk bahu Ali sambil berkata, "aku tahu kau akan bangun selepas kekecewaan ini dan aku nak kau ingat, waktu itu kau akan kenang kembali detik kita berbicara ketika ini".

Ali hanya diam dan memandang kosong ke tengah tasik. "Mampukah aku ya Allah? Moga Kau bantulah aku yang dalam kehilangan ini", doa Ali berbisik.

*mungkin bersambung*

Lintas Hati~

Kelmarin, semalaman aku di tepi jendela itu,
Menanti dan terus menanti,
Janji kini hanya tinggal janji,
Panggilan dinanti umpama mimpi,
Kini pasti kau pergi tanpa mengingati,
Aku terima walau pedih di hati,..

Titik dengan penuh berhati-hati.
Terima kasih buah hati.

*Nonahanim kembali berpuitis, amacam ada bakat? (^.^)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Spot Of My Life

HR: Non-competes

A non-compete agreement is a document signed by an employee agreeing that, should the employee choose to leave the company, he or she will not work for a competitor for a specified period of time. Non-competes are used when employees have access to critical information. The legality of non-competes depend on state laws, the scope of the restrictions, and precedents set in court decisions.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do You KNOW?

Modern human resources gained a permanent role within organizations during the human relations movement initiated during the late 1920s. This movement acknowledged that social and psychological factors could better explain worker productivity and output. The Hawthorne Studies conducted at the Western Electric Company in the late 1920s initiated the human relations movement.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Personality tests can be a better predictor of job performance. The tests are controversial, however. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against the MMPI personality test, stating its use resulted in a medical exam, a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Supreme Court ruled that Duke Power's use of the Wonderlic Personality Test violated parts of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

*Source From: HR Daily Quote

Monday, October 5, 2009

HR: Structured Job Interview

Structured job interview techniques rely on pre-established questions and answers based on job descriptions and requirements. Job candidate responses to questions are rated against the pre-established answers, producing comparable interviews across all candidates. Structured job interviewing also keeps job interviews on track in terms of time and subject matter.