Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Bargain?

Earlier post (taken from The STAR online today), has snapped me off about my team project on particular airlines in Malaysia (years back). The mission was: to study, learn and identify the internal problems in the organization with suggestions on each problems identified.

After few months of stress and yell, five major issues have been identified (i.e. top heavy) and should be look into seriously (from our perspectives of course, which based on research. Yes-we are just some students (that time) and all ideas/suggestions will only be on our paperwork.

Today's appointment of the former MAS CEO and managing director as the CEO of Pemandu, the unit monitoring the implementation of the key performance indicator (KPI) initiative-will be something to think about; does he has the capability? *Or some will say, "oh, its nothing to do with me la-well what is KPI anyway..". What do you think?

Guess, we need to give him sometime to prove it.
Hopefully it's a great bargain (or not?).
I rest my case.

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