Friday, September 4, 2009

HR: Training

Is training important?
Seeing it from HR, management and organization's perspectives, yes it is important. Its not only important, but its a need in any organization to be successful. Training is when someone is the process of being taught how to do something.

What is training needs?
Training needs is the amount or type of training that needs to be given to the employees of an organization in order to make up for a shortage of skills or abilities that is preventing the organization from fulfilling its aims and operating effectively.

*Presentation during my WAI training back then-great team I had!
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Types of Trainings:
There are two types f training in organization (1) on-the-job-training: training given to employees at their place of work, (2) off-the-job-training: training given to employees away from their place of work (such as at a college, school, resort, etc).

Training and Coaching:
Training is when someone is taught on something, while coaching is a face-to-face instruction where a subordinate is shown how to change their behaviour. So, it can conclude that they are spouse as they do need each other!

As an employee, have you been given the right and enough trainings by your employer/organization? You can answer that. I rest my case.

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