Saturday, August 22, 2009

'Terkenang-kenang': My Farewell Cup Cakes

I still can remember how delicious the cup cakes were (oh, talking about food during the fasting month!!!) and of course, its not only the cup cakes but its the great feelings being there. Thank you guys! Click here if you want to order variety of delicious cakes/cup cakes (Ana Creative is in Kulim).

The concept of Work Place Of Choice is such a great thing to have in any organization. When someone is happy being in any place, he/she will take care of the place with full of heart and that what the concept is all about. Dealing with human is more complicated then the machines as human has feelings, machines don't!

Question: Do you love where you are working now? Only you can answer that, your choice.

Nonahanim: thanks kak Ana, nak lagi boleh? (",)

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anacreative said...

Salam adik Jue..rindunye kat u. Just wondering what you're in right now & where are you now. Hope you're out there doing the thing you love. Selamat berpuasa & maaf zahir batin. Kalau nak order cupcakes - visit my blog at