Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Book: The Dictionary of HR

Dictionary Of Human Resources And Personal Management (3rd Edition)
By A.Ivanovic (Author), P.Collin (Author)

Format : PaperBack
Publisher : Bloomsbury
ISBN : 0747566232
Price : £9.99
This dictionary provides the user with a comprehensive vocabulary of terms in human resource management. It covers all aspects of the subject including recruitment, selection, appraisals, payment systems, dismissals and other aspects of industrial relations.

Personally, I've been using this dictionary for the last three years (gift from my dear). It was funny at first, as I never thought there's such dictionary for HR! Trust me, you will never regret to have it especially if you are in the line of HR/Personnel or even to any management line. Today, this dictionary is part of my life as the HR fighter!

Nonahanim: sharing is caring and HR do care!

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