Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Memoir: Happiness? Life?

Thinking about my life years back, when there are times in life I couldn’t bear the hassles in running of my life, when I need to be fit to face the fears of the hustle of Jalan Sultan Ismail where my office was, when I need to be so hardworking to prove my ability to my boss (I was the only Malaysian in the department), when I need to still be socialize though my time is limited, when I need to make my own formula to help my family, my love one and myself (mentally encouraging myself to be strong everyday!). It was tough, but it was one of a great moment of my life. I was known as the workaholic girl (was the youngest in the office back then), yet I was happy and the best part, enjoy with my work and life (how I miss rushing and running up and down for the sake of work!). My priority always about my family + work + love one + friends + people (starting to learn to include myself in the list!).

While my college life back in Sintok, I found some peace as back then I just love be in campus rather then going out to Changlun, Jitra or even Alor Star (though, once in a blue moon I do) and all this ‘love’ has result to a HUGE weight problem which I suffer now. Diet is something I keep on doing it half way and being back home (KL) is the hardest thing to do (for not having a great lunch and dinner!). I would say, it's pay back time! Life is a bit slow for me now. How I hope, one day, one fine day, I will achieve my total happiness in life. Happiness is abundance in basic life and simple things. Life becomes more meaningful in the absence of material obsession; a never-ending race that often leaves the poor soul forever discontented.

pray that this "happiness" will be with me soon as I've been waiting for this since,.. InsyaAllah, pray for me guys! Somehow, I keep on smiling since I was young eventhough sometimes life is miserable.. (^_^)

Question: So, how do you define your happiness in life?

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