Friday, July 24, 2009

Layang-layang Terbang Melayang,..

Models: my niece, Dijah & nephew, Asadullah a.k.a Batman Hero~
Me: Cik Nona a.k.a raksaksa cium!

"layang-layang terbang melayang, terbang melayang di tengah bandar.."

NOTE: How busy your life is, how hectic your time is, how important your career is, how stuck-up your work load is, always, always give some time to your beloved ones. Even simple thing can give them the great enjoyment in life. Love your parents, love your family, love your kids, love your partner, love your friends, love yourself, love your surrounding and others will love you too~ insyaAllah.

Nonahanim: this weekend, take your family to play kites or fishing or jog or movie, etc. It's your day with your family (^.^)

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