Monday, July 20, 2009

HR: Leading and Managing Change (1)

There are five activities contributing to effective change management, which are; motivation change, creating a vision, developing political support, managing the transition and sustaining momentum. These key activities are associated with successful leading and managing organizational changes.

1) Motivation Change

The purpose of motivation change is to move from the known to the unknown. It require two related task:

(i) Creating readiness for change

This depends on the need for change. The situation occur make people feel dissatisfied with their status quo and make them motivated to try a new work processes, technologies or other way of behaving. In readiness for change, people and organization need to experience deep level of failure to make them seriously undertake meaningful change. There are three methods to encourage dissatisfaction in making change:

1. Sensitize organization to pressures for change
2. Reveal discrepancies between current and desired states
3. Convey credible positive expectations for the change

(ii) Overcoming resistance to change

Deep resistance in people and in organizations can be generating by change. To some individuals, change can make them to let go things they know and move to an uncertain future. People are unsure whether their skills are valued or not in future or will there be any possibility for them to learn new skills to achieve with the new situation.
In organization, there are three sources to generate the resistance of change, which are technical, politics and cultural. The solutions for these three resistances are empathy, support, communication, participation and involvement.

to be continue.

Nonahanim: in life, change is something will happen everyday. Either you want to adapt to it or left behind. Your choice.

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