Monday, July 27, 2009

HR: Leading and Managing Change (last)

We have gone through the three key activities that associated with the successful leading and managing organizational changes in my previous post(s). Now, let's continue with the last two key activities: Managing The Transition (fourth) and Sustaining Momentum (fifth).

4) Managing The Transition

This involves moving form the existing organization state to the desired future state that will not happen immediately as it will requires transition state. It is where the organization learns how to implement what is needed to reach the desired future state. According to Beckhard and Harris, there are three major activities and structures to facilitate organizational transition:

(i) Activity planning
(ii) Commitment Planning
(iii) Change-management structures

5) Sustaining Momentum

There will be a strong tendency for the members to return to what is learned and well known unless a maintain support and reinforcement are received. There are five activities that can help in maintaining in carrying change through to completion:

(i) Providing resources for change
(ii) Building a support system for change agents
(iii) Developing new competencies and skills
(iv) Reinforcing new behaviors
(v) Staying the course

In providing the resources, organization needs an extra financial and human resource for actualize change activities such as training, consultant, data collection and feedback even meeting. Rather in support system, link is needed with other people.

Change is something needed in the organization to reach the successful goals. It will make the organization difference from any other organization whether in structure, strategies, marketing, product or others. It shows, change can give more positive effect if it can be manage carefully and effectively. How well your organization in managing change, it's you to answer.

Nonahanim: have you change anything about yourself in being a great employee? If not, its time (".)

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