Thursday, July 23, 2009

HR: Leading and Managing Change (2)

After discussing about Motivation Change from my last post, let's continue with the second-Creating A Vision and third-Developing Political Support key activities that are associated with successful leading and managing organizational changes.

2) Creating A Vision

Creating a vision in the organization is the second step in leading and managing change, which it sees from the scoop by the members in wanting what the organization to become or look like. Usually it’s also describe the core values and purpose that guide organization to achieve their goal such what their have planned.

Vision is also the tool that can give a value for designing, implementing and assessing organizational change. Even, it can encourage commitment to change by providing them goal and rationale why change is necessary and worth the effort. Vision not only provides purpose but a valued direction as well.

While in leaderships, vision mostly is their framework. Organization is responsible to make sure this vision effective and describing a desired future.
Developing vision is determined by people’s values and what the organization want to become and how it should function. According to Collins and Porras, there are two parts of compelling vision:

(i) A relatively stable core ideology that describes the organization’s core values and purpose.
(ii) An envisioned future with bold goals and a vivid description of the desired future state that reflects the specific change under consideration.

3) Developing Political Support

In developing political support, individual and group in organization have their own preference and interests. The individual and group which have sufficient balance of power will be sustain their commitment to organization and achieve overall effectiveness.

When comes to change, organization maybe threats the balance of power and it will result a political conflict and struggles.
to be continue.

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