Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"when i love you,...."

I love him so much,.. definitely with all my heart and soul,..
I love him everyday and every second of my life..
I love him as what he is, even sometimes he scared me lots!!!
I love him even he is damn busy with his politics..
I love him when he writes great thing about anything,..
I love him even he starts to 'eksyen-eksyen' with me,.. eleh~
I love him and respect him as he is so much older then me~ hehe
I love him as he is being so patient with me, the stubborn girl,..
I love him because being in love by him is the most greatest thing in my life..

My Dear, I LOVE YOU la!!!

Nonahanim: Cinta tak semestinya bersatu,.. *sigh*
[hehe, macam betul,... when will I have a real Dear? A real Dear for a life of my own journey?]

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