Friday, June 12, 2009

'Jom' SHARE: No Fear!

Yup, exactly! [If you are guessing --→ its my wallet!!]

I've been using this since high school (can’t really remember exactly when). Got some help from a friend (thanks friend!~ ok, ex. haha) who bought this in Lot 10, near to my ex-primary school-BBGS 2 (Bukit Bintang Girls School or now known as Sekolah Seri Bintang).

Well as someone who've been working for ages, obviously I have few others too, but I love this one more then the rest & back using it now! Talking about being 30 eh?? Some reasons why: -

1. Easy to wash
2. Earth tone
3. Simple & compact
4. The tag name: NO FEAR, resemble myself as someone who doesn’t feel fear on anything accept Allah SWT (“,)
5. Ready to go (just tuck-into jeans)
6. Old school + oldies (konon-konon vintage la)
7. Etc (kopak nak beli wallet baru! haha)

*the insider of My No Fear [Note: still keep the matrix card as display-reminding me on the hardship+fun].

Nonahanim: I love the words, "Face Your Fears, Live Your Dreams". Wahhhhh,... truly me (^_^)


J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jue !
wallet no fear macam ni. ju selalu tengok kawan2 sekolah pakai dulu. lepas tu ada t-shirt lah, kasut lah..

mana2 pergi pun no fear. =D

ju selalu tengok orang pakai, tapi ju tak beli, sebab masa sekolah ju suka pakai wallet Garfield ! hihihi =)

macam tak caya ju still pakai wallet ni ! velcro dia tu melekat lagi ke ? zip for coins ok lagi ?

caya lah ju !

Othman Juliana said...

jue masa sekolah dulu (ok-lebih sepuluh tahun dulu tu~) ada 3 je wallet yg asyik tukar2: Ocean Pacific, Quicksilver & No Fear. Tapi, my favourite tetap NO FEAR! yeah!

hehe~ Jue jarang tukar wallet (masa keje ada gak beli yang lain: tommy kot- dgn esprit: tapi pakai kejap2 je-last2 pakai No Fear ni blk). Oh, brand tetap ala2 remaja gitu ;p

velcro dia masih ok-tp skang dh koyak sikit-kena jahit ni. tempat coins pun guna velcro-tak guna zip.

bayangkan, pompuan yang dah umur 31-pakai wallet gini lagi-otai kan? hahaha~ konon je la kan,... ngeh3x