Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Jom' SHARE: Bike or Bicycle?

Nope, you are wrong if you think this is a bike, it’s actually a bicycle with a design of a bike (scooter). Took this picture back to my mom’s hometown in Lipis. My uncle bought this for my aunt to be use to go the shop near the house or to the farm. Well, I call it as ‘mini scooter’. Its rechargeable and you can go for a distance of.. (well, will check this out). For some hills (depending on the heights) you will need to paddle. Yeah, it is a bicycle rite.

When it’s not a bike you will not need to have a license to ride it. My uncle once suggested me to bring this back to Kulim, so I can use it to go to office in KMCO at the High-tech Park. Errr…..

This reminds me when I was amused to see a picture on the Japan Bike Storage: Eco Cycle (shown by a cousin who just came back from Osaka months back). As bicycle is a main form of transport in Japan, parking them is a major problem. With great ideas, they have designed a solution to this and it is excellent! Will try to get a picture on this (in my coming post).

So, what say you, can this bicycle be a solution on the traffic in KL?

Nonahanim: had fun with this mini scooter!! pon, poonn,.... (^.^)

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