Sunday, June 14, 2009

HR: [IHRM] Holistic Approach To Expatriate Success

According to A. B. Avril and V. P. Magnini, (2007), there are few aspects have been highlighted to be consider before reassignment or sending an employee abroad. Selection is the first step to proceed with the process of sending an employee abroad. Selection is the process of gathering information for the purpose of evaluating and deciding who should be chosen in particular jobs (R. S. Schuler and V. L. Huber, 1993).

The key to assure expatriate success is to choose the right person to be reassignment. There is thing should be considered before sending employee to abroad; -

i. Resume
ii. Interview
iii. Selection for learning orientation
iv. Involve family in the selection’s process
v. Select

After selection has been made, training program should be given to the employee selected. The role of training is to support the employee adjustment and on-assignment performance. There three stages in a well-structured expatriate training program (Magnini and Honeycutt, 2003); -

i. Stage I: training in the home country
ii. Stage II: training upon arrival in the host country
iii. Stage III: real-time training

Plus, training for the employee’s family. Always remember to involve the family of the selected employee in every program. Family is one of the major reasons for the expatriate successful. Happy family will give the organization a great employee at work! It is that critical to be provided.

There are few issues and problems occur for an expatriate during abroad. The issues and problems that always occurred for the expatriate are: -

i. Communication
ii. Benchmark levels
iii. Cultural
iv. Compensation system

As a whole, by taken a successful experience abroad through organizational support will help the expatriate to reach the objective. Expatriate failure will not only fail to reach the objective, but it’s also a cost to the organization. Which, it’s a costly problem for the multinational corporation. Preparing your employees will be a brilliant way, so it’s training time. HR, you are needed!!

Nonahanim: waiting for the time to come, to be given a training to be an expatriate for the whole of life,.. erk?!


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