Monday, June 15, 2009

Goats Crossing the Road??

Guess this is not something you will see everyday,... in KL!! My niece and nephew were so excited seeing this.
"Cik Nona, banyaknya kambing dia,.. mana daddy dia, umi dia, aki dia, onyang dia, wan tam dia, cik yan dia, cik ngah dia,.. cik...". According to my dad, exactly like me when I was their age!!! OMG!

Wonder though, do we still have this excitement when we see anything simple as such? Time to work it out right, time to be simple and see for something simple. Sometimes, something simple will give a huge impact in your life. Just don't take things for granted! How simple it need to be? Its for you to decide.

Message --> berhati-hati di jalanraya: "Pandang kiri, pandang kanan, pandang kiri,.. baru melintas,.."

Nonahanim: Boys and girls, be careful crossing the roads or it will be the end of your road!

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