Thursday, June 11, 2009

BHRM: How its all started?

Human Resource Management
[Note: HR Mgmt is an overall of HR, unlike HR Development. Currently in Malaysia, UUM is the only IPTA offering BHRM].

Until today, all my notes on BHRM are still with me. With recent collapsed tragedy.. Some sharing should be great with more information on OSHA/DOSH (it will be in my next post, soon). Surprise when OSH is part from HR? Yeah, HR has been underestimated since the day I've asked on information: What is HR?

To be frank, even myself thought this course is ‘kacang goreng’. Unfortunately, it was not! We had few law papers (I thought it will only be the labour law to be face! Aiseh!) and five calculation papers! (if its development, it will only be one!). Projects are challenging especially when real place/person need to be chase, meet or interview. Tough luck, corporation from the second party will be a 'huge thing' to do.

Do I really want to be in this course?
To answer this, the answer is YES. Even most of my family & friends .. almost all of them were (and still are for some!) have a bad judgment on this course. HR is nothing and easy for everyone to be and do. Seems, anyone can just do the work without learning what HR is. At least to those in technical do!!!

Being someone who is involve and active in social work activities and been with people from various levels, I know how important for a great HR to be in neither community nor industries/organizations. Without strengthened human resources for health care, it will be impossible to sustain gains made in child survival, family planning and other areas while responding to critical demands such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Since I've learned more on HR, there's nothing could change my love on it.. i know how so related HR and people's development... which to see more people develop has been my passion since.

So, do you think HR is not important? Hey, machine has no feelings, but humans do! So, which will be harder to handle and to take care? You can answer that. As said by Foulkes (1975), “For many years it has been said that capital is the bottleneck for a developing industry. I don’t think this any longer holds true. I think it’s the work force and the company’s inability to recruit and maintain a good work force that does constitute the bottleneck for production. … I think this will hold true even more in the future”.

Without the silent heroes, any organization can stand straight, but it will never be great. Back bone of the organization? Yes, we are.

Nonahanim: My great passion has always been in Human Capital Development. Wonder why it is hard to be a reality to all without having any favour on certain groups/individuals???

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